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Registration Opens January 3rd, 2019!!

Registration for the Spring 2019 Season will be open January 3rd, 2019. The cost for registration is $80 per child with registration closing on February 14th, 2019. There will be a $10.00 discount if you register by January 31st. Please click on the link on the right sidebar for online registration.

Also, scholarships for the season are available on a needed basis. Please contact us at

2019 Registration Flyer

Interleague Play with Rehoboth Little League

This season, Lewes and Rehoboth Little League will be performing Interleague Play at the Machine Pitch, Baseball Minors, & Baseball Majors Division. With a full season of interleague play, Rehoboth Little League will also be included with Lewes for all Post-Season play (All-Stars & Pat Knight).

Why Interleague Play? With us performing interleague play with Rehoboth, it will help give the participants in Lewes and Rehoboth an opportunity to be a part of an exciting season in the majority of the divisions along with an opportunity for Rehoboth participants to be part of post-season play. It will also enable Lewes Little League to utilize some of Rehoboth’s fields to help ease previously congested scheduling.

Where will the games be played? Similar to interleague play in the past, Lewes Little League will have home and away games throughout the 2018 season. Our home games will be played at the Lewes Little League fields while away games will be played at Rehoboth Little League (located off of Rd. 271 across from Epworth United Methodist Church).

T-Ball & Machine Pitch All-Girl Team’s Opportunity

After a very successful season of creating an All-Girls team for the T-Ball and Machine Pitch division, we will once again be incorporating All-Girls teams in each division. The girls teams in the T-Ball and Machine Pitch division will be participating against other co-ed teams and in some cases all-boys teams. If you are interested in your daughter participating on the All-Girl’s team, please make sure you tell us in the “Comments Box” in the on-line registration application. If you have any questions prior to registration, please reach out to us at

Volunteer Opportunities in Our League – HELP WANTED!!

Lewes Little League can only operate with the successful implementation of its volunteers. We cannot have a successful season for all participants in our league without your help! There are many opportunities to help out our league, whether it’s being a season long participant in one of our committees, coaching, being a team administrator, or volunteering for just one day at one of our needed events. Every little bit counts!!! Any help that you can provide is greatly needed and most certainly appreciated. Please reach out to and let us know what your interest would be. Again, we NEED YOUR HELP!!

Contact a Board Member!!

During the course of the season and off-season you may find yourself with questions or concerns regarding the league. Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operation of the league and are there for you. Each baseball & softball division has a board member in charge and each committee is operated by board member. Listed below is a list of our current board members with their associated roles and responsibilities. Please reach out to them via the contact form on this website and reference their name so that the message can be distributed to them. Thank you!

Board of Directors Positions:

  • President: Jerry Windish
  • VP of Majors Baseball: Megan Thompson
  • VP of Minors Baseball: Tom Friscia
  • VP of Softball: Eileen Baker
  • VP of Machine Pitch: Ryan Petrone
  • VP of T-Ball: Bryan Kastor
  • Player Agent/Coaching Coordinator: Greg James
  • Treasurer: Eric Blondin
  • Secretary: Connie Kaden
  • Umpire in Charge: Bob Kaden
  • Safety Officer: Megan Thompson
  • Capital Projects Director: Dave Hart
  • Concessions Manager: Connie Kaden
  • Equipment Director: Dave Hart
  • Fundraising Director: Connie Kaden
  • Sponsorship Director: Karyn Anen
  • Member at Large: Jim Baker
  • Member at Large: Jim McLaughlin
  • Member at Large: Skip Faust
  • Member at Large: Tiffany O’Malley
  • Member at Large: Jim Murphy
  • Member at Large: Shannon Capiro
  • Member at Large: Mark Haschemeyer
  • Member at Large: James Stevenson
  • Member at Large: Jonathan Cherry

League Age Cutoff Date Changed…again

Little League International has adjusted the age cutoff date again this year. For anyone born in 2006 or later, the age cutoff date has been adjusted to August 31st. However, if you were born in 2005 or earlier you still fall under the original age cutoff date. To help with the confusion, please click on the age calculator below to determine your child’s League Age.

Know your Boundary!!

Please review the Lewes Little League Boundaries Map. Your child must either reside within these boundaries or go to a school that is located within the Lewes Little League boundaries. If you have any questions, please contact

Girls TBall/Coach Pitch Team

New this year – we are having an all girls t-ball and coach pitch team! If you have a daughter in the tball/coach pitch age level, make a comment in your registration that you would like your daughter on the all girls team or send an email to: