Contact a Board Member!!

During the course of the season and off-season you may find yourself with questions or concerns regarding the league. Our Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operation of the league and are there for you. Each baseball & softball division has a board member in charge and each committee is operated by board member.

Listed below is a list of our current board members with their associated roles and responsibilities. Please reach out to them via the contact form on this website and reference their name so that the message can be distributed to them. Thank you!

Board of Directors 2021-2022 Positions:

  • President:  Jerry Windish
  • Vice President of Majors Baseball:  Tom Friscia
  • Vice President of Minors Baseball: Bryan Kastor
  • Vice President of Softball:  Ryan Petrone
  • Vice President of Machine Pitch:  Mary Jones
  • Vice President of T-Ball:  Megan Thompson
  • Player Agent/Coaching Coordinator:  Greg James
  • Treasurer:  Lori Brittingham
  • Secretary:  Connie Kaden
  • Umpire in Charge:  Bob Kaden
  • Safety Officer:  Megan Thompson
  • Game Schedule Manager:  Bob Kaden
  • SiPlay Administrator:  Connie Kaden
  • Capital Projects Manager:  Dave Hart
  • Concession Stand Manager:  Connie Kaden
  • Equipment Manager:  Dave Hart
  • Fundraising Manager:  Connie Kaden
  • Grounds/Maintenance Director:  Jim Murphy
  • Member at Large:  Jim Baker
  • Member at Large:  Jim McLaughlin
  • Member at Large:  Jonathan Cherry
  • Member at Large:  Tiffany O’Malley
  • Member at Large:  Matt Brittingham
  • Member at Large:  Skip Faust
  • Member at Large:  Mike Sanchez
  • Member at Large:  Zach Fazio
  • Member at Large:  Steve Peet
  • Member at Large:  Tony Messina