Interleague Play with Rehoboth Little League

This season, Lewes and Rehoboth Little League will be performing Interleague Play at the Machine Pitch, Baseball Minors, & Baseball Majors Division. With a full season of interleague play, Rehoboth Little League will also be included with Lewes for all Post-Season play (All-Stars & Pat Knight).

Why Interleague Play? With us performing interleague play with Rehoboth, it will help give the participants in Lewes and Rehoboth an opportunity to be a part of an exciting season in the majority of the divisions along with an opportunity for Rehoboth participants to be part of post-season play. It will also enable Lewes Little League to utilize some of Rehoboth’s fields to help ease previously congested scheduling.

Where will the games be played? Similar to interleague play in the past, Lewes Little League will have home and away games throughout the 2020 season. Our home games will be played at the Lewes Little League fields while away games will be played at Rehoboth Little League (located off of Rd. 271 across from Epworth United Methodist Church).