Lewes Little League is the oldest and largest youth organization in the City of Lewes and serves over 375 local youth throughout the year. Your sponsorship will directly pay for the cost of field maintenance, uniform shirts and hats, and many of the capital improvement projects during the spring of 2021.

Please consider being a sponsor and becoming a part of our exciting league. There are many ways that you and your company can help support our youth. Whether it’s through a Team Sponsorship, an Outfield Sign Sponsorship, a Capital Improvement Sponsorship, or a Memorial Brick Sponsorship, your support is greatly needed and extremely appreciated by all of our youth and our surrounding community.

Phase IA: Concession Stand Renovation (completed)

Phase I of our campaign was used to renovate the existing concession stand which had been serving our organization for the past 40+ years. Due to the severity of it’s condition, the second floor needed to be removed and replaced. The new renovation called for new, accessible restroom facilities as well as architectural features that ties our facility with our surrounding neighbors.

Phase IB: Hucky Field Lighting Replacement (completed)

The existing timber light poles located on Hucky Field (minors & majors field) have been reviewed by a professional engineer and have been recommended to be removed & replaced. Along with the poles showing signs of deterioration, they also don’t meet the illumination standards set forth by Little League International. Phase I will be focused on replacement of these light poles with galvanized, steel light poles that meet Little League International illumination and safety standards.

Phase IC: Hucky Field Dugout Replacement

The existing dugouts located on Hucky Field (minors & majors field) have had many issues with flooding during the past few seasons. These dugouts are below ground level and there have been many games that the players were not allowed to sit in the dugouts because of standing water. Prior to the 2019 season we added sump pumps to each dugout, which helped, but the focus will be to replace the dugouts with new ones.

How Can I Donate?

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and helping our league and our youth, please contact us at lewesll@gmail.com. Please send all donations marked as “Sponsorships” to the following:

Lewes Little League
PO Box 107
Lewes, DE 19958


Click Here to download the Sponsorships brochure (PDF)