Board of Directors

The Lewes Little League Board of Directors is responsible for the overall operation of the league. Each baseball and softball division has a board member in charge and each committee is operated by board member.

Listed below is a list of our current Board members with their associated roles and responsibilities:

  • President:  Jerry Windish
  • Vice President of Majors Baseball:  Tom Friscia
  • Vice President of Minors Baseball: Bryan Kastor
  • Vice President of Softball:  Ryan Petrone
  • Vice President of Machine Pitch:  Mary Jones
  • Vice President of T-Ball:  Megan Thompson
  • Player Agent/Coaching Coordinator:  Greg James
  • Treasurer:  Lori Brittingham
  • Secretary:  Connie Kaden
  • Umpire in Charge:  Bob Kaden
  • Safety Officer:  Megan Thompson
  • Capital Projects Director:  Dave Hart
  • Concession Stand Director:  Connie Kaden
  • Equipment Director:  Dave Hart
  • Fundraising Director:  Connie Kaden
  • Grounds/Maintenance Director – Baseball:  Jim Murphy
  • Grounds/Maintenance Director – Softball:  Jim Baker
  • Member at Large:  Skip Faust
  • Member at Large:  Jim McLaughlin
  • Member at Large:  Jonathan Cherry
  • Member at Large:  Tiffany O’Malley
  • Member at Large:  Matt Brittingham

If you are interested in information about being a part of our Board, please contact us at